Solomonic Column

Barley-sugar, Salomonic, Salomónica, spiral, torso or twisted column, with a contorted or twisted shaft, unlike the Antonine, triumphal, or Trajanic column with its spiral band of sculpture wound around it. The form was based on the Antique precedents from the Herodian Temple in Jerusalem in the first century AD, thought to be from the Temple of Solomon. These and others were set up over the tomb of the Apostle in the Constantinian basilica of San Pietro, Rome, and so copies or columns inspired by them became familiar throughout Europe, being often used on altarpieces, shrines, and the like, because they were associated with the gates of Paradise. The earliest English examples are the columns (half-way between the Solomonic and Trajanic type) supporting the vaults in the crypt of St Wystan's Church, Repton, Derbyshire (C9), but the spiral column was often used in Romanesque cloisters, and in Baroque funerary monuments. The form became widely known in C17 through engravings of the tapestry cartoons by Raphael showing Christ at the Temple which were brought to England in the reign of King Charles I (1625–49).

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Walking around Gold along with Stanford Whitened: The Special Décor from the Town as well as Country House of the Decorative Professional!

… exuberantly carved, gilded as well as painted, daring Baroque Solomonic posts, entwined through fruited grape vines, had been a wonderful, nearly…
“AXIS MUNDI” ON EARTH RODS -reversed configuration in late the particular Fantastic Age- (Part 1)

… because they indeed stand for the Spiral Hair strands of the GENETIC MATERIAL: Baldaquino’s four Solomonic posts; “SOLO-omon” is actually direct ref towards the SUNLIGHT (Sol), although not the current external…
Artistic Wednesday: Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s Sculptures

… with a ciborium associated with spiral columns known as “Solomonic posts. ” A few believe that these types of columns were the exact posts…
Meal in Orvieto along with this friend John

… beneath the town, as well as structures on top. the particular twisting Solomonic posts (my favorite component of the particular facade) The particular duomo got 270 years to finish…
How can I make solomonic columns in 3d max?...

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I'm studying about the columns Bernini used in his architecture?...

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Priory associated with Brion 5 and six

Posts have a link with serpents as well as serpents have contacts to the central source, like the Kundalini snake. It is because Scorpio may be the symbol of the central source, a line and a snake. Snake

Vintage Pair of Italian language Baroque polychromed and giltwood — Newel. apresentando: Antique Set of Italian language Baroque polychromed and giltwood solomonic posts with swirl style and heavily created with putti and grape vines (late 17th/18th Cent) (Italian, Rococo

Wonderful Grace — Nigel Pennick, Hill Dulcimer

Nigel Pennick performs the traditional melody ‘Amazing Grace’ upon hill dulcimer. The particular hymn ‘Amazing Grace’, authored by Mark Newton is being sung to his melody. Newton, the repented slave investor, in the old age

WRECKS (2008)

THROUGH W. MIGHT 4 CHANNEL MOVIE INSTALLTION. All these little clips will be looped for the similar period of time, forecasted from a falling apart Solomonic column reproduction housing 4 projectors in the facility

Kids as Sufferers, Kids because Healers

… There is a fascinating line to become discussed former NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE Commissioner John Tagliabue' ersus Solomonic however not-entirely-honest set of the brand new Orleans New orleans saints “bounty” scandal. There is an excellent story in order to relate in regards to a particular business tale

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Solomonic column

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Solomonic column

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Solomonic column

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Solomonic column